How Do I Use A Coupon At Rakuten?

Rakuten may not be a household name in North America, but overseas, and especially in Japan it is a major online shopping destination. Coupons are freely available, often appearing right next to products as they are displayed. However there is a slight trick to redeeming the codes, and that is why so many people are asking where do i enter the coupon on Rakuten? Follow the 6 steps below for the answer.

Step 1

From the home page, begin to browse to your product of choice.
where do i redeem a rakuten coupon

Step 2

Select any desired options if available, and then ADD TO CART.

Step 3

Review your shopping cart and if ready PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.
Rakuten is a fast growing tech company that operates on numerous fronts. Through purchases they have absorbed a large variety of smaller tech firms and startups.

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