How To Use WorldMarket Promo Codes

How To Use WorldMarket Promo Codes

How Do I Use A WorldMarket Promo Code?

WorldMarket, by Cost Plus carries original products at barely above cost prices (hence the name – “Cost plus”). The shop boasts eye-catching unique items sourced from global bazaars with an always changing selection, and each item has a tale to tell. With it’s roots in San Francisco in the 1950’s, this brick and mortar store has successfully followed up it’s early success with an easy online experience. Coupons will be easily found because of sites like Follow these steps to find out how to redeem your worldmarket promo codes.


Browse from the home page and navigate to your desired product.
use worldmarket code step 2



Find the item, for this demonstration we’ve chosen a Paper Mache Globe on Marble Stand.
step two



In the top left of the page a box will appear confirming that your item has been added to the shopping cart. Continue straight to the checkout page now or continue shopping.
use world market step 3



The first page of the checkout process is a review of what is in your cart. Check options for shipping, and estimate shipping costs on this page. Once happy with the details you can use the CHECKOUT button on the bottom (as pictured) or on the top left of the page.
promo code step 4



Those with an account with WorldMarket should sign in now, or simply use the Guest Checkout. This option doesn’t involve you creating an account which has benefits because many users don’t want to be contacted with promotional materials in the future.
step 5



Confirm or enter your shipping details and continue by using the CONTINUE button,
step 6