Reedeming iTunes Coupon Codes

Reedeming iTunes Coupon Codes

Where can I enter my Itunes coupon?

So you’ve been sent an iTunes gift certificate or download code and want to know how to redeem it. It is extremely easy to redeem these codes, and we will show you how. If you’re not careful you may click ‘buy’ thinking there’s a process which will eventually ask you for your coupon code. There isn’t one. Before you know it it’s downloading and you’ve paid without redeeming your coupon. So, open iTunes, go to iTunes Store ‘home’ page and look to the far right.

Locate REDEEM on right hand side

You will see a column marked QUICK LINKS, one of those will be labelled REDEEM. Click this link and you will immediately be taken to a page with a clearly marked box to enter your code.

Enter Code