Where Do I Enter The Coupon On Match.com?

Match.com refers you to the local version of it’s site (for good reason). On this page we will walk you through the 6 easy steps to apply the coupon code on the US version of Match.com, however all international versions are essentially the same. Before you start the process, search for a picture of yourself you’d like to have featured on your profile, this will save time later. Also, give thought to a 100 words or so on best describes who you are and what you enjoy. You will be asked for a such a paragraph during the registration process. The more detailed, the better the match. You’ve no doubt already got your coupon from a deals site, so let’s now redeem it!

Step 1

First of all, on the opening screen choose your gender and explain what you are looking for. Click, VIEW PHOTOS to proceed to the next screen.

Step 2

Log in with your facebook credentials or create a unique username and password.

Step 3

Next, enter your real name and click CONTINUE.

Step 4

Now some personal information will be gathered, click LET’S GET STARTED and you can offer as much info as you like, or as little as you like. If at any point you want to speed the process up, simply click the SKIP link in the top right corner.

Step 5

For the sake of this tutorial we’ve indicated by means of the graphic some of the questions you will be asked. What is your height? Which best describes your body type? What is your relationship status? Multiple choice answers for these questions make the process fairly straightforward. Eventually you are led to the screen that lists the benefits of a full membership. Finally, Click continue to proceed.