Where Do I Put The Wayfair Promo Code?

Where Do I Put The Wayfair Promo Code?

Where Do I Put My Wayfair Promo Code?

This tutorial applies to both the main site, and the business site.


Starting with the homepage, navigate to item you are interested in.

wayfair step 1



Choose your quantity and then add the product to your cart.

wayfair step 2



You will be taken to a page that confirms what you've added to your cart. If you are happy with it and wish to pay, then click Checkout Now.

wayfair step 3



You are now in your shopping cart. You don't enter the coupon here. For now merely confirm the purchase by clicking Checkout Now.

wayfair 4



The first step of the checkout procedure is to sign in. Identify yourself as a new customer or a returning customer and then log in.

wayfair 5



Enter your shipping address and click Continue.

step 6



The next step is the payment section, and is where most purchases stop as they look for the coupon box.

final step