Please Note

Wal-mart does not accept digital coupon codes on their website, Discounts are often applied automatically when you click the link associated with a deal.

Despite some websites claiming to offer valid Wal-mart digital coupon codes for use at, there is no field in which to enter it during the checkout process.

Some confusion does arise because Walmart does offer coupons that can be printed from their website. However these must then be presented in a local brick and mortar shop.

However, there may be a workaround in some cases. Try the following steps, but be advised the steps may only work for some products.



Navigate to the item you wish to purchase, adjust the quantity and then click "Add to Cart".step 2



A confirmation will appear that your item has been added to the shopping cart. Now proceed to the checkout by clicking "Check Out". You could also click on the cart icon at the top right hand side of the page.walmart3



To begin the checkout process either sign in to your existing account, or create a new account. You can no longer checkout as a guest.
step 4



Step one of the checkout process involves choosing a shipping option or in some cases, store pickup. Make your choice and click continue. If you have multiple products in your shopping cart, you may have to choose a shipping option for each step five



If you chose the store pickup option, then fill in the details of the individual picking the order up. step 6
Enter this information and move on to Enter Payment Methods.



Under Payment Methods click +More. To use your Gift Card, you can choose that option now.

step 7



Choose the Pay With Cash option. Pay at a Walmart store within 48 hours and present your coupon in person. The item will be shipped after you pay in store. This must be done in person as you cannot enter coupons on Walmart's main website. But you can present them in person after choosing Cash as a payment option.
step 8

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