Where do I enter my Target coupon

Where do I enter my Target coupon

Where do I enter my Target coupon?

Target.com is a leading brick and mortar shop and also dominates its competition online. If you've got a coupon and want redeem it online, then stick closely to the following instructions and you'll have no problem.

If you are trying to use a Manufacturer Coupon, please go straight to Step 9.



Navigate to the product page of the intended purchase. Next, click ADD TO CART.
 target step 1



The next page confirms your product has been put in the cart and gives you the option to VIEW CART & CHECK OUT, or CONTINUE SHOPPING. If you are ready to checkout, click the red CHECKOUT link.
target step two



Confirm your purchase in your cart, and then click the red link on the right hand side of the page I'M READY CHECK OUT.
step three



You will be asked to sign in to your account, or create an account. You can no longer skip this step like you could before.
target step 4



Enter your contact info and shipping address on this screen. AFter entering the requested information and then click SAVE AND CONTINUE on the lower right hand side of the page.
target step 5



You will be asked for your credit card or debit number. At this point no charges are being applied, so enter the requested information and continue.
target step 6